Just 4 kms from Samsing lays Suntalekhola, a recently added tourist spot in Dooars.

Suntalekhola is truly an offbeat destination in the Himalayan foothills of Dooars in the backdrop of glistering green valleys and blue sky with touch of everlasting beauty. Trekking from Samsing to Suntalekhola is a journey close to nature. This sinuous flow of mountain streams echoes in every heart. The music of rusting leaves and the hide and seek of shadows with the tricking sunrays through the conifer leaves elevates every soul to a pure and pristine world.


Laying on the south eastern fringe of the Neora Valley National Park, Suntalekhola offers a trail leads to the left from the first bend of the tar road. It can be approached from the bungalows and ends at Lava after a three-day trek the trail leads steeply through thick broadleaved tropical and semi-tropical forests via Mouchouki, Rechila Top (4500m), Alubari and Pankhasari Ridge.

The accommodation in both Samsing and Suntalekhola is maintained by Forest Department of West Bengal and can be booked by us. The wilderness resorts in Suntalekhola are located amidst the wilderness of nature.